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Open Call

for papers / presentations!

MCCT - Midlands Conference in Critical Thought, 2024


Nottingham Trent University, UK.

April 5th to April 6th, 2024

VCAS is organising a conference stream with the theme: 'Productivity or Process: What is the Value in Making?'

Deadline 6th December 2023


A limited number of submitted proposals will be able to be done via Zoom/ video conferencing so presentations can be done remotely!

Open Call

Artist Residency in January 2024

VCAS is offering an artist in residence for two artists resulting in a group exhibition together with 5-6 VCAS artists.

Residency studio time January 8-23
Group Exhibition January 24-27th
Application deadline December 5th


The mission of VCAS is to bring together artists from around the world and communicate their ideas and concepts to the city of Vienna and beyond.  The focus will be on artists working in new media, installation, performance and digital formats. Another aspect of VCAS is to organise a range of art events that will bring artists working in various disciplines together to make interesting collaborative projects. The exhibition space aims to show artwork that challenges the perception of the viewer. 

While our organization is currently in its initial stages, We plan to expand our activities as an organization over time and host a variety of art and cultural programs.  While our main focus will remain organizing and curating high quality contemporary art exhibitions, we plan to pursue setting up artist residency programs, cultural events, and educational initiatives.

VCAS board members:

President / Founder

Ziegi Boss (Abigail Brown)

Treasurer / Founder

Patrick Loan


Melina Steiner


Anthony Kroytor


Oliver Cloke


Physical Address:

WEST – Alte Wirtschaftsuniversität /

Unizentrum Althanstraße,

Augasse 2-6,

1090 Vienna, Austria

Postal Address:

Clusiusgasse 1/10

1090 Vienna, Austria

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