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Upcoming Open Call

Video Art and Short Film curation

exploring themes related to borders


Open call will be posted at the end of April, 2024. 
Check back in soon for more details!


VCAS - Vienna Contemporary Art Space (VCAS) is a non-profit arts organisation based in Vienna run by a small artist collective made up up Austrian and international artists. The mission of VCAS is to bring artists together to present their ideas and concepts to the city of Vienna and beyond. We are particularly interested in promoting exchange between artists from different backgrounds and providing a platform for international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

VCAS’s main focus is organising and curating high quality contemporary art exhibitions with local and international artists. We attach particular importance to offering less established artists a platform to present their work to a broader audience, and artists working in interdisciplinary formats, new media, video, digital art, installation and performance. Our exhibitions aim to explore topics and show artwork that challenges the perception of the viewer. 

VCAS also hosts Artist Residencies, in line with our mission to provide a platform for interdisciplinary and cross cultural collaboration, as well as cultural events, and educational initiatives.

VCAS board members:

President / Founder

Ziegi Boss (Abigail Brown)

Treasurer / Founder

Patrick Loan


Melina Steiner


Anthony Kroytor


Oliver Cloke


Physical Address:

WEST – Alte Wirtschaftsuniversität /

Unizentrum Althanstraße,

Augasse 2-6,

1090 Vienna, Austria

Postal Address:

Clusiusgasse 1/10

1090 Vienna, Austria

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