Artist's Experimental Short Film Screening
​Part of the WEST Open Weekend,
IN/BETWEEN: People, Spaces & Uses
June 16 –17th, 2023

A series of experimental artist films and videos was screened as part of ‘In-Between’ an Open Studios event at WEST, Vienna. This show reel explores the nature of artistic practice and artistic process in a variety of experimental ways. Artists showed a variety of approaches to the theme and ways of making video and film including: visual collage, stop-motion animation, time-lapse of the construction of an artwork, videos of short experimental work processes and durational ambient films mixing carefully composed audio tracks with visuals.

There was a panel and audience discussion at the end of the screening discussing some of the approaches to making and dealing with moving image as well as inviting questions to the artists regrading their artistic methodology.

Practice / Process

Participating Artists: Rychèl Therin, Sophie Bösker, Judith Stehlik, Ziegi Boss, (I) Instructor, Anthony Kroytor, Oliver Cloke, Q_plus_I

Curators: Q_plus_I

Jury: Anthony Kroytor, Oliver Cloke, Paige Tuey, Patrick Loan, Ziegi Boss

Special thanks to:

WEST for hosting the Open Weekend and providing the auditorium for the screening

Ziegi Boss, Good Girls Play with Dolls, Videostill, 2021